Adjustable Hospital Beds

The hospital beds, as the name indicates, are mainly and primarily meant for hospital purposes. These hospital beds are specially designed for the hospital use. There are two types of beds that are used in hospitals – one is the normal bed and the other is the adjustable one. The adjustable hospital beds are specially designed for hospital use and to give the ultimate comfort and well-being of the patients.

There are many features that include in these beds, but the most common are the adjustable height of the entire bed with the head and feet. The side rails too can be adjusted and all these operations are carried out with an electronic button, which operates not only the bed but also other nearby electronic devices. These types of beds are popular ones and not only used in hospitals but also in other healthcare units like – nursing homes, home health clinic, outpatients clinic, assisted living facilities etc. In one aspect the hospital beds are different than that of the homecare and that is these beds must withstand rigorous and regular cleaning procedure. The reason is to make it free from contamination.

There are many features of the hasta yatağı kiralama beds. Let’s have a look at those features. These beds have wheels for easy movement from one place to the other. These wheels are made lockable for the safety of patients. The adjustable hospital beds can be adjusted like raised or lowered at the head, feet and the entire height level. There are two variants available for these beds – fully electric and semi-electric. The fully electric ones are the electronically operated with many other features whereas the semi-electric ones have two motor – one to raise the head and the other one to raise the foot. Raising the head can give some benefits to the patient or the hospital staff or to both of them.

The height adjustment enables to get the bed to a comfortable height so that it will be easy for the patients to get in and out of the bed. Another unique feature of the adjustable hospital beds is their side rails. These side rails also can be raised and lowered according to the needs. These rails act as a sort of protection to the patients and they feel more secure. The disadvantage of these beds is the cost. The complex design of these beds makes them a costly affair.


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