Benefits of Safety Goggles

Many people wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun. Ironically, these same people often forget to protect their eyes from hazards they may encounter in the workplace. This should not be the case since eye safety is necessary for those who use saws, power tools, sanders or other equipment. The reason: these equipment release airborne particles like dust, wood and other materials that could result in eye injury.

The U.S. Department of Labor said that thousands of people suffer from eye injuries yearly. Many of these injuries are work related and caused by inadequate eye or face protection. Not only do these injuries lead to blindness but they cost thousands of dollars in lost production time and medical bills. These preventable injuries and expenses can be greatly reduced if people use safety eyeglasses.

Safety glasses have a number of unique features. They come with polycarbonate lenses or frames. They may provide a full shield for the face to protect iş gözlüğü user from hazardous conditions. Others allow users to wear prescription lenses or incorporate prescription lenses into the safety lenses.

Unlike regular eyeglasses, safety goggles have thick and strong frames and lenses. Following standards set by the American National Standards Institute the lenses of safety goggles should be impact-resistant and pass whats called a drop-ball test. In this test, a ball is dropped onto the lens from a certain distance. If the lens doesn’t break or crack, it can be used in safety glasses.

Aside from this, the frames of safety glasses can withstand heat and prevent the lens from being pushed into the users eyes. Thus, safety goggles protect your eyes at work so you can the job done. These safety features make these special eyeglasses a lot better than ordinary prescription lenses. Your eyes are irreplaceable to make sure that you take care of them.


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