What is OSM?

OSM stands for ‘offsite monitoring’. Offsite monitoring is the viewing of cctv systems via links and internet connections between a camera surveillance system and a control room.

Consistent remote or offsite surveillance entails the use of highly trained monitoring staff, equipment and resources at a control room that is dedicated to continuously monitoring the client’s property. In the event that these activities are not being monitored or conducted correctly, the client will be notified.

What Are The Benefits of Offsite Monitoring?

OSM includes the following benefits for clients:

  • Eliminates the possibility of collusion.
  • Provides a failover capability.
  • Allows independent dispatch of security and response teams.
  • Removes localised risk.
  • Helps to keep onsite staff on their toes.
  • No additional capital cost for the control room as it is already established.

Who Do You Choose For Your Offsite Monitoring Services?

There are hundreds of security surveillance companies that offer offsite monitoring services. So how do you know which one is going to offer you the better service? Firstly, we do recommend you conduct research on each of the security businesses you are interested in receiving a quote from. Secondly, ask the business for client references.

Try avoid going for the one-stop-shop security surveillance company. These include the onsite guarding, the offsite monitoring and everything in between. Hiring these sort of companies can sometimes lead to collusion should anything ever happen onsite. Therefore, if the client wants onsite guarding and offsite monitoring, we recommend employing 2 separate organisations.

What Do I Get WithThe Offsite Monitoring Service?

Offsite security monitoring companies provide a variety of surveillance services including:

  • Perimeter intrusion detection.
  • Forensic and footage investigation.
  • Retail risk reduction (footage extracted and assessed offsite).
  • Remote access control can also be provided whereby standard operating proceduresare followed by the security guards on site.

Choose Top Security As Your Preferred Remote Monitoring Service Provider

Top Security were established in 1992. The best security in the world is only as good as the response it generates. Ultimately, Top Security provides a service to its customers, and the technology employed is only a tool. The real quality of the service depends on the ability, training, supervision and management of the Top Security employees. A commitment to customers is seen as the key to Top Security’s success.


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